Membrane Element Replacement

This project included replacement of membranes and pilot testing of the new membranes.  

Gravity Filter Refurbishment and Alternative Technology Study

This project included  preparation of a needs assessment and conceptual designs.

Lime Softening Chemical Building Renovation Study

This project included services for preparation of a needs assessment and conceptual designs.  

Updated Capacity Analysis Report

This project included the preparation of an Updated Capacity Analysis Report to support the permit condition V, B, (1), State of Florida Domestic Wastewater Facility Permit No. FL0040665-018.  

Consent Order Corrective Action G

This project included preparation of two Engineering Reports that evaluate violations documented in the 2nd Amended Consent Order and provide recommendations to prevent future such violations    

Finished Water Disinfection and Chemical System Improvements

This project included installation of new 0.8% sodium hypochlorite eductors, relocation of ammonia and sodium hypochlorite feed points and monitoring of free chlorine residual, pH and temperature. It also includes replacement of the automatic polymer batching machines, and installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (caustic), and citric acid piping to optimized […]

Broward County Water Treatment Plant 2A Four-Log Virus Treatment Demostration

Services included demostration of four-log virus treatment of groundwater to the Broward County Health Department and for Water Treatment Plant 2A utilizing free chlorine disinfection followed by ammonia addition.

Pompano Beach Lime Softening Unit Replacement

For this project MBC provided design and construction administration services.

Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant RO Membrane Element Replacement Evaluation and Selection

This project included evaluation of membrane performance and water quality along with membrane selection.  

Gravity Filter System Rehabilitation

This project included preliminary and final design, permitting and bidding.  

Seminole Tribe of Florida Hollywood Raw Water Supply Improvements

This project included permitting, licensing, design, construction administration and project management.  

WTP Recarbonation System Replacement Design and Services During Construction

This project included design, bidding and construction services.  

Broward County North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

This project included data collection and review, design review and scheduling, permitting services and bidding services. MBC will provide engineering services during construction

BCWWS WTP 3A Four Log System Services During Construction

This project included design. permitting,and bidding. MBC will provide engineering services during construction.

Membrane Water Treatment Plant Pretreatment Pressure Filters Rehabilitation and Improvements

This project included preliminary and final design, permitting and bidding.  

Holiday Park Lead and Copper Study

This project included performance of desk-top study, and in-situ coupon testing. Design and installation of a corrosion inhibitor bulk storage and feed system.

Water and Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant Flow Meter Replacement

For this project MBC analyzed alternative installation configurations for the flow meters and determined the best fit configuration to improve system operation and simplify maintenance.  

Margate Potable Water Interconnect Design and Services During Construction

This project included review of record drawings, preliminary design memorandum, construction drawings and technical specifications, permitting, and bidding services.  

Palm Aire Raw Water Main Pigging

This project included design of a pigging station of a 48in raw water line, bidding services and construction administration services.

Broward County Pump Station 3A Four-Log Virus Treatment

This project included preparation and submittal of a four-log virus treatment of groundwater. MBC also prepared construction drawings and permitting applications.  

Broward County Water and Wastewater Master Plan

This project included an analysis of potable water treatment source of supply, establishing operational goals, growth forecasts, water systems modeling, recommending improvements, and submittal of the master plan    

FDEP Injection Well Permit Renewal

This project included review of data from a mechanical integrity test and tabulation of monthly operating report data.              

Four Log Virus Treatment of Groundwater: Compliance Studies, Process Improvements, and Demonstrations Submittals

Preparation of Compliance Studies analyzing treatment process and recommending process modifications, desk-top laboratory treatability studies, design and construction administration for implementation of recommended process improvements, and preparation of Demonstration submittals to regulatory agencies.  

Unidirectional Flushing and Valve Exercising Program

This long-term program is intended to prevent age-related water quality issues by comprehensively flushing the City’s transmission and distribution system according to a systematic and structured plan. The observed benefits of this program were removal of sediments and stale water, maintenance of good disinfectant residual levels, elimination of taste and odor issue, and reduction of […]

Replacement of Sodium Hydroxide Tanks and Miscellaneous Improvements, Design and Construction

This project included replacement of two existing 6,000-gallon sodium hydroxide bulk storage tanks, pumps, piping, magnetic flow meters, and relater systems.  

Reclaimed Water Filter System Upgrades

This project included design development, review of design documents, review of shop drawings and other construction-phase submittals, and project close-out.

30.5 mgd WTP Membrane Conversion Chemical Systems Design and Plant Start-Up

MBC was responsible for design of pre- and post-treatement chemical systems, as well as startup assistance for a 26 mgd nanofiltration process in parallel with a 3.5 mgd low pressure reverse osmosis membrane process.  

40 mgd Nanofiltration Membrane Element Replacement

In 2004, the City completed construction and commissioning of the 40 mgd  NF membrane process addition to the City’s 70 mgd WTP. The original membrane elements for the plant were specially developed for the 2004 project by the membrane the membrane manufacturer, Hydranautics, which subsequently became the ESNA LF (low fouling) product line, the industry standard for […]

Rehabilitation of Steel Elevated Storage Tanks, Design and Construction

This project included rehabilitation and repair of the two City’s steel elevated storage tanks and associated piping and related systems.  

Demolition of Steel Elevated Storage Tank Design and Construction Services

This project includes demolition and removal of the two City’s steel elevated storage tanks and associated piping and related systems.      

Continuing Process Technical Expert Services

This project included quarterly review of operating records and preparation of Quarterly Operations Evaluations Reports during the calendar year 2012 for the City’s 40 mgd membrane softening water treatment plant.    

Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Wheelabrator operates four waste-to-energy facilities in Florida.  Two South Florida and one Central Florida (Tampa) facilitates provide disposal of municipal solid waste while creating renewal electricity for sale to the local utility.  The fourth facility also located Central Florida (Auburndale) provides disposal of waste wood and waste tires while providing electrical energy to nearby households.  […]

FDEP Industrial Wastewater (NPDES) Permit Renewals

Wheelabrator operates two waste-to-energy facilities in South Florida.  Each facility maintains a FDEP NPDES Individual Stormwater Permit for handling stormwater at the facility and potential discharges from the facility.  MBC provided the engineering services necessary to renew the existing FDEP (NPDES) Stormwater Permits for the facilities in accordance with Chapter 62-620 FAC.

Alternative Water Supply Master Plan

This project included collection of information and assessment of treatment capacities, demand forecast, scenario planning boundaries, discrete analysis of alternative water supplies, and Alternative Water Supply program implementation mapping.

Development of Hydraulic Model for Transmission/Distribution System

This project included data collection related to pipe size, material and condition, supply and demand of water, assets type and location, and upgrades performed to the system. The City’s Water Atlas was utilized for building a node map with AutoCAD, which was transferred into WaterCAD for the development of the hydraulic model. A new laptop […]

SFWMD Cost Estimating Study Phase I and II

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) develops long-term comprehensive regional water supply plans to provide for current and future water use, while protecting South Florida’s water resources.   Cost estimates are used by the SFWMD and South Florida utilities in evaluating options for projects utilizing alternative water supplies. The Team was tasked with estimating the costs […]

4-Log Treatment and Federal Groundwater Rule (GWR) Compliance Consulting

This compliance study considered two parallel processes, a 30 mgd conventional lime softening process and a 40 mgd nanofiltration process, with the products blended at a 1:2 proportion in the finished water.  Compliance alternatives also maintained continued compliance with the Disinfectant/Disinfection By-product (D/DBP) Rule.

6.0 migd Blue Hills Seawater Water Treatment Plant

This project included a 6.0 migpd SWRO water treatment plant with raw water supply wells, finished water storage, and concentrate disposal wells, delivered under a 20-year Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contract.

10.5 mgd West WTP Reverse Osmosis Improvements

This project included the addition of two 1.5 mgd Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis (LRPO)  units for a total capacity of 3.0 mgd, a product water degasifier, and chemical post-treatment.

10.0 mgd Membrane Pressure Vessel Replacement

This project included replacement of all membrane pressure vessels, modifications to membrane unit piping to improve efficiency and reliability, and modifications to the membrane cleaning system.  

10.0 mgd Nanofiltration Membrane Replacement

In 2002, the City of Pompano Beach installed a new 10 mgd nanofiltration membrane treatment plant. Based on raw water quality, replacement membranes were selected to optimize iron rejection while maintaining sufficient hardness to provide a stable finished water.  Full-scale manufacturer proof testing was required to demonstrate satisfactory performance.  

Ground Storage Tank and High Service Pump Station

This project included a 2 million gallon prestressed concrete finished water ground storage tank, a high service pump station consisting of five vertical turbine pumps with variable frequency drives, and an emergency power generator.

Anion Exchange Softening Process WTP 1A

This project includes a 9 mgd capacity anion exchange system to remove organics, disinfection by-product (DBP) precursors, and color from the lime softened water to comply with applicable water quality regulations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Oxygen Generation System Upgrade Design-Build

This project included rehabilitation and service upgrade of the exiting Union Carbide pure oxygen generation system for the wastewater treatment process.  Major components include new main air compressors, cooling tower, ambient air vaporizers, cold box valves and heat exchangers, expansion turbine replacement, and rehabilitation of liquid oxygen (LOX) tanks.

Outfall and Stormwater Facility Inspections

This project included collection of information related to location, size, and type of outfall and stormwater facility. During inspections exact location, size, type, and condition of outfall and stormwater facility were recorded and compared with information on file.  Inspection services for FDOT’s outfall structures and stormwater facilities throughout Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and […]

Disinfection and Finished Water Blending Yard Piping Improvements

This project included replacement of the existing gas chlorine system with a 12% sodium hypochlorite storage and feed system, piping modifications to blend the membrane permeate with the lime softened water, and disinfection of the blended water to comply with the 4-log virus treatment requirement under Chapter 62-555.320, Florida Administrative Code and the Federal Groundwater Rule […]

Water Ground Storage Tanks, Design and Construction Services

The City of Boca Raton owns and operates five prestressed concrete finished water ground storage tanks located at the Glades Road Water Treatment Plant and at three remote storage and repump stations.  This project included miscellaneous structural and mechanical repairs and coatings of the City’s five prestressed concrete finished water ground storage tanks, which range […]

3.0 mgd LPRO Treatment, Raw Water Wells and Deep Well Injection Plant

This project for the City of Clewiston in association with Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.included four Floridan aquifer brackish raw water supply wells, a 3.0 mgd LPRO water treatment plant, and a 12-inch diameter concentrate disposal deep injection well.  Services included design, permitting, pilot testing, wellfield modeling, bidding, construction administration, resident project representative, and start-up. […]

40.0 mgd Membrane Softening Process Addition

The largest nanofiltration facility in operation in the world. It has the unique ability to operate without acid or antiscalant pretreatment. Design incorporates “convertible” skids which can reduce the concentrate flow by 50%. New generation of low-fouling membranes specifically developed for this project. Winner of the 2006 Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) Grand Award for […]