Funding Procurement & Compliance

MBC has experience assisting municipalities with planning, design, and construction loan/grant procurement for infrastructure projects (drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater projects) on local, state and federal levels. The funding procurement process initializes with the preparation and submittal of the funding application and supporting documentation to first secure the funding. Next, our focus shifts towards preparation and submittal of loan agreement packages while assisting with the compliance components of the construction contract documents. Upon loan/grant procurement, MBC provides loan/grant agreement compliance assistance, which may include the review of American Iron and Steel certification submittals, performance and review of labor interviews, and review of Contractor pay request and certified payroll.  

The funding procurement and compliance process is a multi-stakeholder effort. MBC recognizes that the priority is effective communication among the stakeholders on the municipal level (project managers, capital improvement department, finance department and commissioners), on the regulatory level (project managers, loan management and disbursement managers), and on the project level (engineer-of-record, and construction contractors).