Nanofiltration Membrane Element Pilot Testing and Replacement

MBC’s scope of services included the design of a 2:1 array full-size element pilot plant, permitting, bidding, contract administration, on-site loading observation, and review of membrane performance acceptance testing. This project reduced feed pressure and elimination of chemical pretreatment which resulted in a realized annual operating cost savings of $600,000.

40 mgd Nanofiltration Membrane Element Replacement


In 2004, the City completed construction and commissioning of the 40 mgd  NF membrane process addition to the City’s 70 mgd WTP. The original membrane elements for the plant were specially developed for the 2004 project by the membrane the membrane manufacturer, Hydranautics, which subsequently became the ESNA LF (low fouling) product line, the industry … Read more

10.0 mgd Membrane Pressure Vessel Replacement

Membrane skids

This project included replacement of all membrane pressure vessels, modifications to membrane unit piping to improve efficiency and reliability, and modifications to the membrane cleaning system.