Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Regulations on potable water, reclaimed water, and wastewater treatment facilities are becoming more and more stringent, especially in the State of Florida.  MBC

is active in regulatory development, and stays abreast of the continually changing regulatory environment.  MBC’s compliance consulting services include treatment

process and infrastructure (e.g., corrosion control) compliance studies, project permitting, NPDES permitting, SPCC plans, and compliance assistance.  In 2009,

MBC assisted the City of Boca Raton in becoming the first facility in Palm Beach and Broward Counties to receive a “Determination of Four-Log Virus Treatment of

Groundwater” under the Federal Groundwater Rule.  More recently, MBC has assisted Broward County Water and Wastewater Services and the City of Pompano

Beach in obtaining the Determination of Four-Log Treatment for their facilities.