Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Wheelabrator building

Wheelabrator operates four waste-to-energy facilities in Florida.  Two South Florida and one Central Florida (Tampa) facilitates provide disposal of municipal solid waste while creating renewal electricity for sale to the local utility.  The fourth facility also located Central Florida (Auburndale) provides disposal of waste wood and waste tires while providing electrical energy to nearby households.  … Read more

FDEP Industrial Wastewater (NPDES) Permit Renewals

Wheelabrator building

Wheelabrator operates two waste-to-energy facilities in South Florida.  Each facility maintains a FDEP NPDES Individual Stormwater Permit for handling stormwater at the facility and potential discharges from the facility.  MBC provided the engineering services necessary to renew the existing FDEP (NPDES) Stormwater Permits for the facilities in accordance with Chapter 62-620 FAC.  

SFWMD Cost Estimating Study Phase I and II

Cost estimation study

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) develops long-term comprehensive regional water supply plans to provide for current and future water use, while protecting South Florida’s water resources.   Cost estimates are used by the SFWMD and South Florida utilities in evaluating options for projects utilizing alternative water supplies. The Team was tasked with estimating the costs … Read more

4-Log Treatment and Federal Groundwater Rule (GWR) Compliance Consulting

Boca Raton elevated tanks

This compliance study considered two parallel processes, a 30 mgd conventional lime softening process and a 40 mgd nanofiltration process, with the products blended at a 1:2 proportion in the finished water.  Compliance alternatives also maintained continued compliance with the Disinfectant/Disinfection By-product (D/DBP) Rule.

6.0 migd Blue Hills Seawater Water Treatment Plant

Membrane skids

This project included a 6.0 migpd SWRO water treatment plant with raw water supply wells, finished water storage, and concentrate disposal wells, delivered under a 20-year Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contract.  

10.0 mgd Nanofiltration Membrane Replacement

Membrane skid

In 2002, the City of Pompano Beach installed a new 10 mgd nanofiltration membrane treatment plant. Based on raw water quality, replacement membranes were selected to optimize iron rejection while maintaining sufficient hardness to provide a stable finished water.  Full-scale manufacturer proof testing was required to demonstrate satisfactory performance.  

Outfall and Stormwater Facility Inspections

Storm water gate

This project included collection of information related to location, size, and type of outfall and stormwater facility. During inspections exact location, size, type, and condition of outfall and stormwater facility were recorded and compared with information on file.  Inspection services for FDOT’s outfall structures and stormwater facilities throughout Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and … Read more

Disinfection and Finished Water Blending Yard Piping Improvements


This project included replacement of the existing gas chlorine system with a 12% sodium hypochlorite storage and feed system, piping modifications to blend the membrane permeate with the lime softened water, and disinfection of the blended water to comply with the 4-log virus treatment requirement under Chapter 62-555.320, Florida Administrative Code and the Federal Groundwater Rule … Read more

3.0 mgd LPRO Treatment, Raw Water Wells and Deep Well Injection Plant

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This project for the City of Clewiston in association with Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.included four Floridan aquifer brackish raw water supply wells, a 3.0 mgd LPRO water treatment plant, and a 12-inch diameter concentrate disposal deep injection well.  Services included design, permitting, pilot testing, wellfield modeling, bidding, construction administration, resident project representative, and start-up. … Read more

40.0 mgd Membrane Softening Process Addition

Reverse Osmosis Skids

The largest nanofiltration facility in operation in the world. It has the unique ability to operate without acid or antiscalant pretreatment. Design incorporates “convertible” skids which can reduce the concentrate flow by 50%. New generation of low-fouling membranes specifically developed for this project. Winner of the 2006 Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) Grand Award for … Read more