Updated Capacity Analysis Report

This project included the preparation of an Updated Capacity Analysis Report to support the permit condition V, B, (1), State of Florida Domestic Wastewater Facility Permit No. FL0040665-018.    

Consent Order Corrective Action G

This project included preparation of two Engineering Reports that evaluate violations documented in the 2nd Amended Consent Order and provide recommendations to prevent future such violations    

Reclaimed Water Filter System Upgrades


This project included design development, review of design documents, review of shop drawings and other construction-phase submittals, and project close-out.  

Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Wheelabrator building

Wheelabrator operates four waste-to-energy facilities in Florida.  Two South Florida and one Central Florida (Tampa) facilitates provide disposal of municipal solid waste while creating renewal electricity for sale to the local utility.  The fourth facility also located Central Florida (Auburndale) provides disposal of waste wood and waste tires while providing electrical energy to nearby households.  … Read more

FDEP Industrial Wastewater (NPDES) Permit Renewals

Wheelabrator building

Wheelabrator operates two waste-to-energy facilities in South Florida.  Each facility maintains a FDEP NPDES Individual Stormwater Permit for handling stormwater at the facility and potential discharges from the facility.  MBC provided the engineering services necessary to renew the existing FDEP (NPDES) Stormwater Permits for the facilities in accordance with Chapter 62-620 FAC.  

Alternative Water Supply Master Plan

Water supply map

This project included collection of information and assessment of treatment capacities, demand forecast, scenario planning boundaries, discrete analysis of alternative water supplies, and Alternative Water Supply program implementation mapping.  

Wastewater Treatment Plant Oxygen Generation System Upgrade Design-Build

Overview of Oxygen System

This project included rehabilitation and service upgrade of the exiting Union Carbide pure oxygen generation system for the wastewater treatment process.  Major components include new main air compressors, cooling tower, ambient air vaporizers, cold box valves and heat exchangers, expansion turbine replacement, and rehabilitation of liquid oxygen (LOX) tanks.