Unidirectional Flushing and Valve Exercising Program

System water map

This long-term program is intended to prevent age-related water quality issues by comprehensively flushing the City’s transmission and distribution system according to a systematic and structured plan. The observed benefits of this program were removal of sediments and stale water, maintenance of good disinfectant residual levels, elimination of taste and odor issue, and reduction of … Read more

Reclaimed Water Filter System Upgrades


This project included design development, review of design documents, review of shop drawings and other construction-phase submittals, and project close-out.  

Continuing Process Technical Expert Services

Water treatment plant

This project included quarterly review of operating records and preparation of Quarterly Operations Evaluations Reports during the calendar year 2012 for the City’s 40 mgd membrane softening water treatment plant.    

Alternative Water Supply Master Plan

Water supply map

This project included collection of information and assessment of treatment capacities, demand forecast, scenario planning boundaries, discrete analysis of alternative water supplies, and Alternative Water Supply program implementation mapping.  

Development of Hydraulic Model for Transmission/Distribution System


This project included data collection related to pipe size, material and condition, supply and demand of water, assets type and location, and upgrades performed to the system. The City’s Water Atlas was utilized for building a node map with AutoCAD, which was transferred into WaterCAD for the development of the hydraulic model. A new laptop … Read more

SFWMD Cost Estimating Study Phase I and II

Cost estimation study

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) develops long-term comprehensive regional water supply plans to provide for current and future water use, while protecting South Florida’s water resources.   Cost estimates are used by the SFWMD and South Florida utilities in evaluating options for projects utilizing alternative water supplies. The Team was tasked with estimating the costs … Read more

4-Log Treatment and Federal Groundwater Rule (GWR) Compliance Consulting

Boca Raton elevated tanks

This compliance study considered two parallel processes, a 30 mgd conventional lime softening process and a 40 mgd nanofiltration process, with the products blended at a 1:2 proportion in the finished water.  Compliance alternatives also maintained continued compliance with the Disinfectant/Disinfection By-product (D/DBP) Rule.